Updated on 05/16/2023

What is ProtectIO Solution?

ProtectIO is PrimaryIO’s on-demand disaster recovery as a service (“DRaaS”) platform.

ProtectIO is delivered as a web-accessible, multi-tenant, IBM Cloud-native Software-as-a-Service and helps customers by providing a robust disaster recovery solution while leveraging the latest cloud economics for an attractive Total Cost of Ownership.

ProtectIO is a powerful disaster recovery solution for virtualized infrastructure.
You can use ProtectIO to protect vSphere virtual machines (VMs) by replicating them to the cloud and recovering them, as needed, to a target.

ProtectIO has a Ransomware Recovery option, RecoverIO, taking advantage of immutable cloud storage to enable an organisation to roll back to a pre-ransomware/data corruption point-in-time.
For more details, check Solution Brief