Updated on 05/16/2023

Onboarding to ProtectIO begins with learning about and buy the service.

Onboarding customers to use ProtectIO DRaaS platform process has below steps. Onboarding is done by PrimaryIO team.

  • ProtectIO super admin user will help customers onboarding.
  • As a part of onboarding, super admin user needs below details for creating your account and providing access to ProtectIO platform
    • Organization Name
    • Display Name
    • Email
  • Once a tenant is created for the organization, you need to complete the registration process by following the steps mentioned in the registration email received on your email id provided while creating the tenant.
  • Super admin will then add organization details that are mentioned below:
    • Services to be subscribed
    • DR receiver host IP/FQDN
    • DR Receiver port
    • RestorD Host IP/FQDN
    • IBM Host URL
    • IBM Secret
    • IBM Key
    • Enable ransomware Recovery or not