Service Overview

Updated on 05/16/2023

What is ProtectIO Solution?

ProtectIO is PrimaryIO’s on-demand disaster recovery as a service (“DRaaS”) platform.

ProtectIO is delivered as a web-accessible, multi-tenant, IBM Cloud-native Software-as-a-Service and helps customers by providing a robust disaster recovery solution while leveraging the latest cloud economics for an attractive Total Cost of Ownership.

ProtectIO is a powerful disaster recovery solution for VMware application workloads.
You can use ProtectIO to protect VMware virtual machines (VMs) by replicating them to the cloud and recovering them, as needed, to a target.

ProtectIO has a Ransomware Recovery option, RecoverIO, that utilizes immutable cloud object storage to enable an organisation to roll back to a pre-ransomware/data corruption point-in-time.
For more details, please see the ProtectIO Solution Brief

Intended Audience

This information is intended for anyone who wants to protect their virtual machines running on vCenter with the ProtectIO DRaaS Platform.