Updated on 05/16/2023

Benefits of using ProtectIO

  • Hardware agnostic
    • ProtectIO is a solution for protecting and recovering virtual machines. It does not matter which hardware customer is using in primary site
  • Recovery time / Minimal RPO
    • Once disaster is hit, the ProtectIO DRaaS solution can failover rapidly. With continuous Data Protection technology, ProtectIO enables near zero Recovery Point Object (RPO) which ensures minimal data loss.
  • Continuous Data Replication
    • Continuous replication does not need scheduling, agent, or appliances
  • Simple
    • Simple user interface offers centralized management. Customers can start using ProtectIO platform for protecting their VMware based virtual infrastructure in a few hours after subscribing to services
  • No performance impact on primary site
    • ProtectIO does not need any agents to be installed on virtual machines for protection. Agentless protection technique has no performance impact on performance of product site.
  • Cloud ready
    • ProtectIO supports IBM Classic and IBM Cloud VPC. Customers can have their disaster recovery site on any of these options.
  • One-Click failover
    • Tenant admin can start failover of protected VMs in case of disaster with just one click. No additional steps are required to start failover
  • Scalable
    • ProtectIO will have VAIO filter installed on each ESXi host and DR receiver for each site. Customers can increase the number of ESXi hosts to be protected without any additional hardware or software cost.
  • End to End Security
    • Data transfers to and from protected sites to DR site use secure replication, which ensures an SSL connection is established and used for all data transfers.