Updated on 05/16/2023

  • vCenter version should be 7.0 or later
  • List of datastores present on the vCenter at source site
  • PrimaryIO team needs to install VAIO filter VIB on ESXi hosts on primary site as a part of onboarding process. PrimaryIO team will need vCenter and ESXi hosts access with admin privileges.
  • PrimaryIO team will deploy and configure Receiver on the DR site. Customer needs to have one IP address that can be assigned to DR receiver
  • Longer Lead-Time Items: Let’s start off with a couple tasks that might require a longer lead time.
    1. Set up IBM cloud account, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
    2. Open firewall ports:
      • You need to open firewall ports to allow for communication between your production sites and VMware Cloud DR components. This pre-requisite for production sites can take some time, so we recommend you do this first. View details about firewall port requirements here.
      • TBD
    3. ProtectIO DRaaS secure connection to Primary and DR vCenter environments via IPSEC tunnel or IBM cloud transit gateway
  • Make sure you have the following information prior to onboarding:
    • IBM Host URL
    • IBM Secret
    • IBM Key
  • While adding site details in ProtectIO, you need following vCenter information:
    • vCenter IP address
    • vCenter admin username and password
  • Customers should have an email id that can be used while creating a tenant account. Registration link and verification code will be sent to the provided email address.